Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Marathon

This past weekend I ran a marathon. I tirelessly did so (for the second time) like I was carrying a 50 lb sack up a hill (saying courtesy of The Mortgage Company).

Today, for The Product Company, I had to expeditiously release a communication. Our lawyers suggested an edit where the security team would work "tirelessly" to resolve issues. It made me think not only of the mental exhaustion to put the communication together, but also the physical exhaustion still lingering from the marathon. I quipped - "How about diligently? Tirelessly makes me feel abused and exhausted." Not sure if it was as amusing to anyone else but we ended up with:

Whether publicly or privately communicated, we will work diligently to ensure that any confirmed vulnerabilities are addressed.

Screenshot of Marathon Time Projector Spreadsheet
Nevertheless, if you want to project your marathon time, I created a handy Excel spreadsheet. You can adjust your mile-by-mile pace, project your finish time, project your mile-by-mile time, and more! I protected the spreadsheet (thus locking the cells) without a password only so it is clear you only need to edit the fields highlighted in yellow.

Link to the greatest Marathon Time Projector spreadsheet

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